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Thursday, August 04, 2011

UEFI Plugfest

Front of the T-Shirt. Don't know how many people asked me
if it was supposed to be an anagram for "LIFE".
Well, I failed completely to talk about the UEFI summer plugfest on July 6-9, even though I was there and presented (on emulated devices). In between presentations, Intel put on some excellent training sessions on topics like the UEFI shell. See all presentations here. This event was hosted by Microsoft (and Phoenix), but there was a good showing from other non-Microsoft ecosystems, including Linux distros and Apple. There was a cool t-shirt, and I'll add its image later.

Latest news is that there will be another plugfest October 24th-27th in Taiwan. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it will be in Xinbei City again, which is a delightful valley just outside of Taipei, known for its local beauty and smoky tofu.
Back of the UEFI t-shirt.

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MichaelHe said...

Glad that emulator are still used in the development...