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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UEFI Summer Summit, 16-20 July at Microsoft.

Well, the plugfests have been coming fast and furious. Taipei, Sunnyvale, Taipei again and now Redmond. The release of Microsoft Windows 8, UEFI-optimized versions of Redhat and other Linux distros, and IPv6 have put a lot of pressure on making UEFI interoperability a reality. Pile the new crowd of plug-in PCIe cards that have UEFI option ROMs, and even a USB display device, and you can see why getting everyone together in one place makes sense. More details and registration at  www.uefi.org.
I'll be there. I'm sure the usual suspects will be there also. Look me up in the Insyde rooms.
On a separate note, I've added a guest blogger, my daughter Shannon Lewis, a computer game science student at UC Irvine, and probably the youngest official UEFI adopter. You'll be seeing some updates to older articles, as well as new UEFI programming articles.

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