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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Creating an Interactive Fiction Game in UEFI (Part 3: Playing the Game)

So I thought it might be a good idea to show a few screenshots of the game in progress.  Click the images to enlarge.

This is a shot of the game's beginning.  I didn't finish writing all the little details and such of the game, so right now, it just says "Intro Message" when you start it up.  That would normally be a long introduction of the game, describing the setting, the character, and your goal.  You can see here some examples of instructions and the results.  "Look" describes the room you're currently in.  But moving to a new room will also display the description.

The following pictures are just some more screenshots of moving through the game world and interacting with objects.

The game's still pretty rough, and I haven't implemented the key to win the game, so you can just wander endlessly around this world.  But I did include a way to quit the game.   It could use a few formatting fixes, and perhaps a more detailed end message, but it quits the game and gets back to the Shell.  I also left the original print messages from the basic Main application, so that's why they print those random welcome messages.

That's all! My next goal is to be able to display an image using EDKII

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