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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HII Disassembler

Hey, just to let folks know, I posted the code used in my HII Disassembly article over on SourceForge, along with the latest updates to the SysLib which it uses. Head on over to take a look!


süli said...

I followed the HII posts with great interest, it's great to see it explained like this, much more intriguing than going through the UEFI specs.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to test the application, VS comes up with a build error - SetupPkg.dec is missing. Maybe you can help me out here, I'm really new to developing UEFI application and the EDK2, but I'd love to test this utility, I'm sure it would help me with my understanding of the HII.

I'm learning and discovering more all the time, but I'm still only a beginner here, I'd be very glad for some help.

bing luo said...

I am trying to understand EDKII. I don't know what different of main,UEFIMain and ShellAppMain. And how can I compile code. Can you share your code to me? Thank you^^
(Codes about(moving an Image using keyboard Input) (move an image using a timer)).
My e-mail is luobing4365@163.com or luobing4365@gmail.com. I a

B Maynard said...

The SysLib for UEFI project on sourceforge does not seem to have any .DSC files to build the sample apps. Can you post how you built it?
I realize this is an old post, but it would be very helpful.


游昭霖 said...

I also encountered SetupPkg is missing compiler problem
Dear Tim,
I cannot find any SetupPkg.dec file in my disk. But it is a required packages in UefiHiiParsingLib.inf file. Could you help?
Best Reagrds,