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Monday, September 23, 2013

UEFI Gains New Members, Touts Their New White Paper

Back on September 18th, UEFI Forum posted a press release (found here) talking about how the number of adopting companies had topped 250, including Huawei, the Linux Foundation and Novell. They also mentioned their new white paper "UEFI Secure Boot in Modern Computer Solutions" by Brian Richardson and my former colleague, Dick Wilkins which gives an excellent overview of the state of the industry on this sometimes controversial topic.

The Linux Foundation news plays well with the fact that the UEFI Plug Fest was co-located with LinuxCon in New Orleans this past week. Linux-as-business has generally come to terms with UEFI and its secure boot strategy. Linux-as-religion may never come to terms with it. Every major Linux distribution supports UEFI secure boot, including SUSU Labs, who spoke at the Intel Developer's Forum two weeks ago, describing their infrastructure for extending secure boot from the UEFI hand-off up through loading the kernel.

What does this really mean? UEFI continues to expand the range of platforms and operating systems on which it can create a powerful pre-OS boot environment. And the UEFI specification is making orderly progress in addressing the needs of the people who ship systems and those who produce code that runs on those systems.

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